Sizing & Repairs

Life is tough. We’re all familiar with the saying, but it applies to jewelry as well. If you have a ring that no longer fits or necklace that broke, we are here to help!



Do you have a piece of jewelry that you love, but can no longer wear? We want to help you bring that favourite piece of jewelry back to life with our diligent services for jewelry repair Palm Desert CA! Maybe it’s not broken, but simply out of date. We love to restore or update older styles and with the combination of our creativity and our endless supply of stones we can transform your heirlooms into beautiful, modern pieces in no time. Some of the complimentary repair services that we offer include:

  • Clean
  • Polish
  • Rhodium plate
  • Watch battery replacement


“My ring no longer fits”. This is something that we hear all the time; but no need to worry. If you find yourself in that situation, simply come see us and we will increase or decrease your ring one size complimentary! We have built our reputation on friendly customer service: every jewelry customer we serve is considered a part of our family. We deeply value our relationships with customers both new and old and extend warm, knowledgeable service to all our patrons. If you need assistance with something else not listed here, please stop by we are always here to help!