We Buy Gold

We will appraise your jewelry which is part of an estate & will pay top dollar for the jewelry.

What factors determine the value of my gold when being appraised by El Paseo Jewelers?

The karat type. Example 10k, 14k, 18k. Also, by weight of the gold.

Do I need to set an appointment to sell you my gold?

No appointment is necessary; however, we do advise people to come in Monday-Saturday between the hours of 11am-3:30pm.

Do I need to have my gold melted down before selling to El Paseo Jewelers?

No, please do not melt down your gold.

If I have mixed karats, do I need to separate my gold in advance?

No, do not worry about separating your gold. We will do that for you here.

Do you have to have a license to buy gold?

Yes, we are licensed to buy gold.

If I sell my gold, do I receive cash or El Paseo Jewelers store credit?

When selling your gold to us, we will pay you in a check or if you prefer to trade in for our merchandise is fine as well.

Can I buy gold from El Paseo Jewelers?

Of course, you can.

When buying gold from El Paseo Jewelers what form will it be in? Coins? Bars? Rings?

We will sell you any type of Gold you prefer.

When buying gold, does the form that I buy it in affect the price?


If I buy Gold from El Paseo Jewelers, and the price goes up, will El Paseo Jewelers buy it back?

Yes, we will be more then happy to buy back your gold.