4 DIY Tips for Cleaning Your Tarnished Jewelry August 3, 2022 – Posted in: Events – Tags:

Time and tide make the shiny objects tarnished and it mostly impacts gold, silver, and other ornaments. The grimy look of jewels and gems makes you feel restless and you do not decern like putting them on. Here, we are going to explicate a few DIY jewelry cleaning tricks for you, which you can apply at your home if you cannot visit jewelry stores in Palm Desert.

1. Wash it

This is the initial and simple step, and before beginning any complex step, you require to wash it. The trendy gold ornaments can be cleaned like this, but if we talk about the gold-plated one, it would not certainly be a prudent step at all. Use liquid soap or soap with no moisturizer and fragrance. Use a soft brush to clean the crevices and edgy areas. Do not dip them in water for a too long period. After that, use a soft cotton cloth to clean it. You can also use a flannel cloth to dry it well. Do not press delicate areas, and do not pull it anyway. If you are not sure about it then it would be better to go to Jewelry stores in Palm Desert to make your jewelry shiny and gorgeous.

2. Use vinegar

You can use this way to clean your jewelry, but you need to have vinegar at home. The ingredients are as follows:

● ¼ cup of a quality vinegar
● Baking soda 2 tbsp
● Luke warm water

Mix all the above contents and make a thick paste. This paste is to be spread all over the piece of jewelry. Then you can gently clean it with a clean cloth or cotton. On the contrary, soaking your ornament in vinegar and then applying the paste would also be a good way to make it tidy and glossy.

3. Alcohol

Using Tequila, vodka or beer can make the jewelry shine. Dip your jewelry in any one of these for five minutes, brush it with a soft bristle brush and get shiny jewelry. Alcohol is an easily available option and easy to use too. Remember, do not apply the brush harshly as it will certainly damage the precious possession.

4. Try an ultrasonic cleaner made for ornaments

This suggestion is only for a small number of ornaments or types of jewelry. Mind that! A tarnished gem will never be cleaned by the ultrasonic cleaner. It can only remove the grime from the crevices and make it look stunning. One should be cautious while using it as knowledge is the key. If you know the perils associated and can handle them, then go for it otherwise, one of your reliable jewelry stores in Palm Desert will do it for you.


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