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Is it finally the time to pick the best engagement ring for your special one? Congratulations!!!

It might be a crazy busy kind of time for you as you have to find the best Engagement Rings Palm Springs and also prepare for the proposal. As an engagement ring is a significant expenditure, you certainly need to make the choice carefully so that you get the best bang for your buck.

Here are some of the tips that you must consider while scouting for the best ring for your special someone:

1. Figure out what shape you require.

When you know the shape of diamond your soul mate would love to adore their pretty hands with, you have solved a big part of the hunt. Also, since all shapes of stones or diamonds have different prices, you need to narrow down the shape you would like to go with.

2. Pick out suitable metal for the band.

You might have heard about the most common bands – white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, etc. Some metals are not able to hold the stones properly, others get scratched easily. Also, all are priced differently. So, carefully consider lifestyle, budgets, etc. when you are finding a suitable metal.

3. Get the exact measurements before you share requirements with your jeweler.

It might seem very obvious, but you would not want a ring that easily falls off your finger or the one that stops your circulation. It should be comfortable and must fit properly. So, visit Jewelry Stores in Palm Desert to get your exact measurements and then share your requirements.

4. Decide on the carat size.

Ask your spouse the size of diamond they want. They might like a larger diamond while others may prefer a clearer diamond. Take an idea from your partner and then start finding something in your budget. You might have to compromise on other factors if you want more carats in your budget.

5. Visualize how your engagement ring would look with wedding band

People often overlook to pre-plan how engagement rings would match with the wedding band. Before you commit to engagement ring style, make sure you decide the style of the band. You may also consider a pair of both things before you stick to any ring or band style.

So, these are some of the tips that you might not forget to pay heed to while finding the best ring for the love of your life. If you are finding the best store that proffers unique designs and customization services for Engagement Rings Palm Springs, you must consider El Paseo Jewelers.