Adorn Your Wrists: A Journey Through Different Bracelet Types & Styles August 29, 2023 – Posted in: Events – Tags: ,

Looking for a jewelry piece that arouses the Diva within you? Undoubtedly, an elegant bracelet can do wonders for you. Sadly, it is one of the most overlooked jewelry items. However, a true jewelry enthusiast understands bracelets can add unmatched style, brilliance, and comfort to a woman’s life. What is more, at one of the top-tier jewelry stores in Palm Desert, we even offer unrivaled diamond & gold bracelet designs for men that can make your father, hubby, friend, or brother look irresistible. Let us now explore some of the most popular bracelet types & styles, so you can make a thoughtful choice.

Bangle Bracelets: When we hear the word bangles, we instantly think of the beautiful sight of dignified Indian women gracefully roaming the busy streets with their full stack of bangles melodiously tinkling against each other. Well, what if you we told you can also become the center of attraction in your town with Indian-inspired bangle bracelets? At El Paseo Jewelers, one of the premier gold store Palm Springs outlets, we bring eye-catching gold bangles with our partnership with the Indian ethnic industry. For those who prefer a minimalistic look, a single-statement gold bangle will be the best choice.

Cuff Bracelets: Cuff bracelets are usually non-flexible just like bangles but these have an opening at one end so you can adorn your wrists easily and with comfort. Whether you are a man or woman, if you are a diamond buyer in Palm Desert who wants to flaunt an unapologetically bold appearance, a wide fancy diamond cuff will be the best bet for you. The reason why diamond cuffs stand out is because of their sleeky and chic look.

Link Bracelets: Link bracelets are a time-honored bracelet type that features tiny pieces interwoven together to form a link. They come with a clasp closure so these can be worn without much effort. These bracelets are one of the most coveted choices for sentimental jewelry because they add a touch of tradition with their intricate detailing. The Cuban link bracelet in particular is all the rage nowadays. Whether it’s a grand workplace event or a family get-together, or a holiday adventure, a Cuban bracelet can seamlessly elevate your style quotient. Find a wide array of gold as well as diamond link bracelets at one of the most exquisite Jewelry Stores in Palm Desert.

Tennis Bracelets: For those who love uniformity and order, tennis bracelets, also called line bracelets will be the perfect pick. With a collection of stones (like diamonds) held on a gold or metal chain uniformly, these bracelets can enhance any outfit, may it be formal or casual. You should ensure that you shop only from reputed El Paseo Palm Desert stores so never have to compromise on quality.

Overall, the choice of a bracelet style or type depends upon your personal aesthetic preferences but make sure you consult our jewelry expert before your final decision. El Paseo Jewelers offers an enormous selection of diamond & gold bracelets of diverse styles that suit different personalities It’s all due to our staff’s peerless artistry and zeal towards crafting customized bracelet embellishments that we are one of the best Jewelry Stores in Palm Desert. Steal the show every day with our bewitching bracelets and other jewelry accessories. Whatever occasion you want to rock, we have got something for you. Gift your mother, sister, or life partner an ultimate gift of grace that makes her exclaim “Wow”. Visit today.