Brief Guide on How to Care For Your Diamond Jewelry February 4, 2022 – Posted in: Events – Tags: ,

Diamonds have stayed as the sign of love and affection from ages due to its timeless beauty. From being a gift from loved ones to an heirloom or just an ornament that brightens up all your attires, it has excelled in every role it plays. The Palm Springs Jewelry Stores believe that it has stayed and it would always stay the perfect gem for all the occasions for years to come.

Though, they are one of the hardest substances in existence, they can still be scratched, scraped or damaged. If you are also, one of the greatest admirers of beauty of diamonds, worried about keeping the timelessness of this gem intact, this guide is for you. In this guide, we would help you with 6 tips that would help you preserve the novelty of your diamond jewelry.

– Don’t keep your diamond jewelry together in a chaotic arrangement. Diamond jewelry can scratch other jewelry. It may also scratch each other. So, keep your diamond jewelry away from all kinds of jewelry to avoid any scratches or scrapes on your precious jewelry pieces.

– Use jewel cases that are lined with fabric from inside. You might find such cases at best jewelry stores in Palm Desert. A jewelry box or any kind of similar box with compartments or dividers can also help you keep more than one jewelry pieces.

– Avoid wearing any of your diamond jewelry during rough work. No doubt, diamonds are hard and durable but a hard blow can cause the diamonds to chip or damage. Not only diamonds, but even the frame of your rings can get disfigured or broken if you wear your rings while doing a strenuous job.

– Diamonds shine best when they are spotless. You can clean them using a mild detergent, a DIY cleaner made by mixing ammonia and water or by using a commercial jewelry cleaner. Dip your diamond jewelry in any of these solutions and then brush off any dust or dirt using a soft brush.

– Get your diamond jewelry cleaned by professional jewelers at Palm Springs Jewelry Stores once in every year when you are wearing it regularly. They might also examine if there are prongs or signs of wear on the diamond jewelry that you can take care of.

– Make sure you don’t wear your diamond jewelry when going to chlorinated pools or hot tub baths. Chlorine bleach and other similar chemicals that can potentially discolor the mounting diamonds should be kept away.


Be careful and take care of the tips mentioned above to keep your diamond bling as good as new.