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Most of the time, we replace damaged or broken articles with new ones. However, we can’t do the same with our jewelry as there are a lot of sentimental values attached to each piece of jewelry. Therefore, we prefer to get them repaired instead of shunning them. Have you been facing a similar problem with any of your jewelry items? Don’t just keep thinking, as a reliable jewelry repair Palm Desert CA service provider, El Paseo Jewelers can help bring new life to it.

El Paseo Jewelers is a well-established shop that not only offers modern and stylish jewelry for women but also helps to repair your old ones. The well-trained staff can fix all types of jewelry.

Here’s the range of jewelry repairing services they provide:

Cleaning and Polishing:

Cleaning is the simplest yet crucial part of jewelry repair. It helps to expose the damaged portion more clearly, apart from removing the dirt and grime that takes away the shine. On the other hand, polishing is done to provide a newer look to the jewelry The first step of every jewelry repair is cleaning the piece. You may consult a jewelry repair Palm Desert CA expert for cleaning and polishing all kinds of jewelry.

Soldering & Welding:

If a part of jewelry is detached or broken then it becomes necessary to solder the joints. It works well for repairing a broken chain, erring, bracelet, anklet, or ring. Sometimes, laser welding is a process in which laser light is focused on a fixed point to fuse precious metals together.

Ring Repair & Resizing:

A wedding ring might have fitted well on that day, but now does it feel tight on your finger? It might be because our body weight keeps on fluctuating throughout our lives. You may approach a jewelry repair Palm Desert CA specialist to provide an accurate solution for an oversized or undersized ring. It can also help fix broken joints or missing gemstones.

Tips & Prong Repair:

Prongs may start weathering with the passage of time and lose the capacity of holding precious gems in a place. Before your gems start falling out, you must get the prongs repaired, otherwise, you might have to bear the losses.

Channel Repair:

Channels hold your precious diamond or gemstones securely on the jewelry. If there is an issue with the channels, it would be a great risk. Therefore, a jewelry repair Palm Desert CA specialist would pay special heed to repair it appropriately.

Replacement & Fixing of Gemstones:

Have you lost a diamond or any precious stone from the necklace, bracelet, ring, or earring? Don’t get disheartened, because they can be replaced. However, you will have to spend much more money than the regular repair, because the price of the gem would be added to the cost of the gemstone replacement.

However, if you have already predicted that the gemstones are about to leave their place, then it is better to carry the piece to the jewelry repair Palm Desert CA service provider. It would help it to get refix the gemstones and retain the beauty of the precious jewelry.

Do you have a collection of the finest jewelry? Want to provide them with a new look? You can do it easily with the help of El Paseo Jewelers, the most trusted jewelry repair Palm Desert CA service provider. They would inspect the jewelry items, analyze the extent of damage, and recommend the best solution. Why not approach them now?