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Once you’ve found an adorable engagement ring, it’s likely that you’ll feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. It is one of the most extremely important items you can cross off your to-do list. But the ring hunt isn’t done yet. It’s time to choose a wedding band that complements your engagement ring.

While some engagement rings Palm Springs are manufactured by jewelry stores, they should also provide matching wedding bands, but many are not. It might be difficult to choose a band that complements your ring, especially if it has an uncommon center stone, a distinctive center stone cut, or a striking metal. Because these two rings will be worn together for the rest of your life, you want them to complement each other flawlessly, like a match made in heaven.

Everything you need to know about picking a wedding band that fits precisely around your engagement ring Palm Springs is right here, along with our favorite ring pairings!

Metal selection

Because wedding bands and engagement rings are traditionally made of the same metal, many people think that this is a rule you must follow. This is not correct. Be inventive! Don’t be scared to experiment with different metals and forms. Mixed metals may truly provide a contemporary touch to a wedding ensemble.

Wedding band styles

After you’ve decided on a ring metal, you’ll need to pick a wedding band style. Consider if you want a wedding band that rests snugly against your engagement ring or whether a tiny space between the two is OK. Most of the time, this will be determined by the setting of your engagement ring.

Wedding bands from the past

Choose a conventional wedding band style if you don’t want a gap between your two rings. There’s the basic metal ring with no embellishments; the eternal wedding band with pave diamonds all around the band; and the channel-set wedding band for a unique approach to mount diamonds.

Contoured wedding bands

Perhaps the setting on your engagement ring isn’t high enough for a band to sit beneath the central stone. With a contoured shape, you may still receive a band that sits flat against the ring. A contoured wedding band is made to mimic the shape of your engagement ring. The band is curved in the front to fit exactly against the curves of your ring. It’s quite frequent, attractive, and appears entirely natural.

Notched wedding bands

A notched wedding ring is another alternative for a flush look. A notched wedding band resembles a puzzle piece in comparison to a contoured band, which appears to have been made particularly for your ring (which it very well may have been). It’s perfectly straight until the front when there’s a notch to accommodate the stone.

Coming Out Clear

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding band and engagement ring Palm Springs combo. You may go for a classic and conventional style with the same metals and plain bands, or you can go for something more distinctive and current, such as mixed metals or a band with decorations. For every occasion, rings at El Paseo Jewelers highlight those special moments in life whether you need a casual ring or are looking for engagement rings Palm Springs. We offer multiple designs to choose from!