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The history of diamonds takes us back to a golden time as these are counted as gems of fancy and impulse. Let us go back to the timeline of these glittering substances:

● Found 3000 years ago, it has been believed that the people`s affair with diamonds began in India. They were found in water bodies such as streams. They were so shiny and glittery that people were afraid to cut or polish them. They thought they would lose the magical power that they possessed.
● In the 4th century BC, historians found the marks of diamond trading in India. By the 1400s diamonds came into vogue and were worn by Sophisticated Europeans.
● With the passage of time Indian trade declined and a new player, Brazil joined the game.
● Coming forward to the timeline of history in 1871 South African diamonds were discovered in Kimberley. Diamonds were and are in fashion and truly loved by those who would like to reveal their bubbly spirit by owning them.
● Diamonds undergo a tough process till they reach their final shape and glory. Still, if we talk about diamond cutting, Indian Jewels have the upper hand. El Paseo Jewelery stores provide you with those Indian masterpieces at their Jewelry stores in Palm Desert.

The most amusing facts about the gems are given below:

● They are the hardest ever material and can only be scratched by other diamonds. They are long-lasting and durable.
● They have merely one element in them and that is `carbon’.
● They are approximately 100 miles beneath the upper layer of the earth and burst out by volcanic eruptions.
● The USA has a huge share of the diamond market.
● There are various elite Jewelry stores in Palm Desert which provide you with the best diamond Jewelry.
● Only 30 percent of the diamonds which are produced in the world have truly applicable qualities to real gems. The best Jewelers like El Paseo provide you with elite diamonds.

What fortune can possession of diamonds can bring to you, let’s know its advantages. Being graceful and beautiful there are several other benefits that lure people toward these attractive substances’ ornaments. They specifically like to buy it from Jewelry stores in Palm Desert as they get real diamonds.

● Diamonds make you think of purity and are dazzling in appearance.
● People wear them for longevity, that is why they buy them from Jewelry stores in Palm Desert.
● They fill your mind with positivity. Astrologers believe that Venus is the planet that connects us with affection and positivity. Diamonds connect us with those positive vibes and we feel elated.
● Investing in diamonds brings fame and wealth to one’s life. They are considered an elite possession.
● It is assumed that they can cure many problems related to the Kidney, urinary tract, throat, or skin-related issues.
● They can fit in any type of jewelry including rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

These facts will excite Palm Desert dwellers to hunt for the diamond Jewelry Stores in Palm Desert. You will get exquisite masterpieces and selected diamond ornaments from El Paseo. If you are also one of those who have a quest for real diamonds, then get them here now.