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Jewelry is much more than an accessory; it holds sentimental value and many times heritage too. Whether it’s a heirloom ring gifted by your grandmother or a pair of iconic earrings that you can’t miss wearing even a single day; taking good care of such jewelry items is no doubt vital. However, how will you know when home cleaning no longer works and expert help is necessary for your piece?

Here are some key signs that your beloved pieces may need expert jewelry repair Palm Desert CA repair:

Broken chains: When the fastenings or chains are broken, your favorite necklace or bracelet may not stay in place. Though simple chains can sometimes be fixed at home using a jewelry plier (with caution), more intricate clasps or fragile chains should be taken to professionals. A jeweler will solder the broken links, replace the clasps, and guarantee that the mended item will work effortlessly without causing any harm.

Worn out or Damaged Mounts: Prongs, the small metal claws that hold a gemstone in place, often wear off over time. They eventually bend, break, or distort. Besides looking unattractive, worn-out prongs make your stones highly prone to falling out. Whenever you notice any kind of damage whether it is on the prongs themselves or other parts of the setting, it is advised that you should have them looked into and repaired by a jewelry repair Palm Desert CA specialist.

Problems with wearing/taking off jewelry: A well-fitting ornament must provide utmost comfort and if you realize that any of your jewelry items snag your clothes when moving or require excessive efforts for opening or closing; know that it’s time for repair. A jeweler can help you restore such jewels to give them back their previous flawless state.

Presence of loose or missing gemstones: Day-to-day usage, accidental knocks, and even contact with corrosive chemicals can cause the prongs that hold gemstones to get loosened. A loose stone is at risk of falling out and getting lost forever. If you notice any wobbling stones that seem ready to pop out, don’t hesitate to seek jewelry repair in Palm Desert CA. A skilled jeweler can assess the situation, tighten the prongs, or replace them entirely to ensure your stones stay secure.

Dingy and Discolored Metal: No matter how careful you might have been while cleaning jewelry, sometimes discoloration occurs. For that reason, it’s always ideal to get assistance from qualified jewelry technicians especially when thorough cleaning is necessary. Experts use appropriate tools and solutions for removing tough dirt or deep-rooted grime. Apart from this, they effectively polish your piece until it shines like new.

To Redesign/Restore Them: Maybe you have an outdated style of jewelry that you cherish, or you have an adorable family heirloom that’s just in need of some tender loving care to make it look beautiful again. You can avail of world-class jewelry repair Palm Desert CA services to change specific design aspects such as incorporating new stones into existing ones or adding a modern feel to the piece.

The Bottom line:

At El Paseo Jewelers, we have a team of jeweler experts who know the value of your jewelry and hence will always go to lengths to ensure that they are in good condition. We offer a full suite of jewelry repair Palm Desert CA services including simple cleanings, prong tightening, intricate restorations as well as redesigns. Why let your most loved jewelry piece end up permanently damaged? Visit the store today to get your jewelry condition evaluated. We will work with you closely and find out the best way to bring back the lost charm of your jewels.