So, how do you buy the right necklace for you from the best Palm Springs Jewelry Stores? January 14, 2022 – Posted in: Events – Tags: ,

Jewelries are that final touch that enhances the beauty of the outfits. At El Paseo Jewelers, we offer fine-quality jewelries that compliment your style, match your outfits and give a timeless look whenever they are worn. At our Jewelry Stores in Palm Desert, we welcome you to the world of jewelers where you only find the best designs and high carat jewelry.

We also offer unparalleled custom jewelry services to let you wear something that you have always wanted. However, if you are not going for something personalized and are confused how to buy the right necklace for you, this blog is for you. There are several things that you must consider while choosing the right shape, color, style and length of your necklace. Let’s discuss 2 of them in detail.

1. Face Shape

Wearing the right type of jewelry from best Palm Springs Jewelry Stores for your face shape would escalate your confidence and make your special features look enhanced. So, if you want your jewelry to give you an edge, here are some suggestions for you:

– Round \ Oval Shape:

An elongated necklace would give a “V- shape” and help direct the eye down. It would flatter and frame your face, complimenting it like nothing else does better.

– Heart shaped face:

If you have that, you should find a necklace between 16-18 inches that would help soften the appearance of angles.

– Square-shaped face:

A choker necklace bought from one of the best Jewelry Stores in Palm Desert would highlight your neck and make it appear longer. It would also help soften the sharp edges of your face.

2. Height

Whether you are too short or too tall, you would have to consider the right length of necklace for yourself. If you have a regular height, you won’t have problem wearing any length of a necklace.

– Short height:

For those having height below 5’4, it is best to find a necklace that helps look you tall but doesn’t hang too low. If you want a short necklace, go for one that is at least 16-18 inches but if you prefer longer, you can buy 20-24 inches necklace from Palm Springs Jewelry Stores.

– Tall height:

If you are tall, short necklace would look good on you. However, don’t forget to consider your face shape while doing that. If you are struck here, you can


These were 2 things that you must consider. Another important one is body type. For studying that and some more of them in detail, keep reading our next blogs.