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Earrings come in all sorts of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. Different earrings are suited for different purposes. Most women rely primarily on the current Palm Springs jewelry trends to make their choice. Whether it is the celebrity trends or any other best trendy styles there is no guarantee that you will look classy after wearing them. You might be wondering, why is this so. According to our certified and seasoned earring designers, it’s important to choose an earring per your unique face shape. Here are the different earring types to complement varied face shapes like round, square, etc.

  • Oval face shape: Congratulations if you have an oval-shaped face. It’s one of the most coveted face shapes. With an oval face shape, you flaunt one of the most symmetrical facial features. Your high cheekbones make it easier for you to choose an earring as there is almost no style that doesn’t complement your look. The beauty of the oval shape lies in its versatility. You are free to get your creative juices flowing and try out different styles offered by the trusted jewelry stores in Palm Desert without any hesitation, Still, certain earring categories stand out for an oval face shape, and these are teardrop earrings, studs, dangle earrings, hoops triangular-shaped earrings, etc.
  • Round: Having a round face shape undoubtedly gives you a very adorable look. However, when it comes to selecting the right earring, you need to be extremely careful. Never go for earrings that are rounder, and wider such as hoop earrings. Studs are also not a good choice for you as these will only bring more attention to the roundness of your face. Instead, our Palm Springs jewelry experts suggest sleek and longer earring styles like dangle and drop earrings. These types of earrings effortlessly create the illusion of a lengthy and slim face which is the desirable look of every moon-faced person. Besides, geometrical designs including triangular or square-shaped earrings can enhance your most attractive features and take away the attention from your rounded jawline.
  • Square: If the width of your forehead and jawline is almost equal, then you have a square-shaped face. As compared to others, your face probably has more edges and angles. Therefore, there is a dire need to soften the angles of your face so that you achieve your desired beautiful, refined look. The type of earrings that can have a flattering effect on women with square faces are round earrings, say the knowledgeable jewelry specialists at high-end jewelry stores in Palm Desert. Circular studs and oversized hoop earrings are also the perfect match for square-shaped faces. These earrings help in drawing away attention from the multiple edges of your face, thus accentuating your beauty and hiding your facial limitations. Another great choice is long circular dangle earrings. You should never wear geometrically shaped earrings like square or rectangular styles as these will only enhance the squareness of your face. In addition to these, you can opt for curved designs like pearl-shaped earrings.

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