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Fancy engagement rings with colored gemstones are in trend. Even celebrities like choosing unique pieces for their special day with dazzling diamonds and sapphire fixed on yellow or white gold. El Paseo Jewelers is known for providing the best quality engagement rings Palm Springs with unmatched designs. The store operates from two different locations, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert. Thus, if you have bought a piece of jewelry from its Palm Springs store, you may choose Jewelry Repair Palm Desert CA services from the same brand.

Try Marvelously Beautiful Engagement Rings:

It will be a great idea to explore something extraordinary rather than sticking to the traditional designs of engagement rings. The ring must suit the personality of the wearer, and it will be better if the couple has the same taste in precious stones and the type of material used for crafting the engagement rings Palm Springs collection. As the body weight keeps on fluctuating with time, one should also have the freedom of choosing the best Jewelry Repair Palm Desert CA services for resizing the rings anytime they want to.

Anyone looking for the coolest engagement rings must know how to include colored stones to add more grace to the rings. Although the craze for diamonds is never going to subside, people are also looking for blue and pink sapphire, emerald, ruby, and green tourmaline to add color to the special pieces of jewelry that the couple is going to exchange on their engagement day. Anyone may order the custom-designed engagement rings Palm Springs with the choice of material and colored gemstone, surrounded by tiny diamonds to enhance their beauty.

El Paseo Jewelers has been selling beautiful and stylish jewelry in the Coachella Valley since 1998. They also provide Jewelry Repair Palm Desert CA services at the most reasonable prices.

Here are some of the best varieties of rings that you must try:

  • White Gold Sapphire/Diamond Ring
  • White Gold Green Tourmaline/Diamond Ring
  • White Gold Emerald/Diamond Ring
  • White Gold Emerald with Dia Double Halo Ring
  • White Gold Pave Diamond/Ruby Ring
  • White Gold Pink Sapphire/Diamond Ring
  • White Gold Oval Pink Sapphire/Diamond Eternity Ring
  • White Gold Square Radiant Yellow/White Diamond Ring
  • White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring

Blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, and diamond provide a royal look by adding hues of blue, pink, green, and bright white color to the engagement rings Palm Springs collection.

When we talk about the quality of material used for jewelry making, we can’t ignore yellow and white gold. From time immemorial, yellow gold is a popular choice among the masses as a precious metal and is liked by all. At the same time, white gold is something very stylish.

Don’t just keep waiting to express your love to your lady love. Just choose a date and propose to her in the presence of her friends and family. Exchange rings to make the love-filled moment much more beautiful.


El Paseo Jewelers has earned a strong reputation in the industry for offering an amazing range of engagement rings Palm Springs. It also holds a strong reputation as a reliable Jewelry Repair Palm Desert CA service provider. Thus, you may visit the store to buy jewelry and get them repaired or re-polished.